A chance encounter in a famed Dublin pub brings Padraigh into contact with a somewhat mysterious and elegant gentleman.  In the conversation that follows Padraigh is challenged to step up and lead the team in a small unique business that is in danger of being swallowed whole by a multinational conglomerate.  Over the following year the pair meet in a number of Victorian pubs of Dublin, sampling the famous stout as Padraigh plots and plans his way through numerous challenges, internal and external, to a final showdown that challenges his integrity

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Myles Downey is an author, speaker, coach, consultant and ‘Enabler of Genius’.  He has written three books: ‘Effective Coaching’(1999 and 2003) 60,000+ copies sold, Effective Modern Coaching (2014) and ‘Enabling Genius – a mindset for success in the 21st Century (2016).  As a coach Myles has worked predominantly at C-suite level and is currently working with the coaches to the England Rugby National Squad.  Myles has recently returned to playing competitive tennis in Seniors tournaments as a means of further exploration into how to perform and express oneself at the highest level.

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Myles is an experienced, compelling and entertaining speaker.  Drawing from his books and his experiences as a coach he speaks and delivers masterclasses and seminars on Enabling Genius, The Enabling Leader (or manager); Coaching for performance

The Enable System

‘Your place to think’, Enable is an on-line system based on Effective Coaching models. The programmes provide flexible, step-by-step, self-managed processes for individuals and employees to identify performance, development and learning goals and on-going support to achieve them. 

The School of Coaching International

Is a provider of training to leaders and managers, partners and managers in professional service firms, Project Managers and professional business and sports coaches. 

Executive and Team Coaching

Coaching support for Leaders and leadership teams seeking to achieve extraordinary goals.  The coaching process is based on the effective Coaching Model (see Effective Modern Coaching) and on the enabling Genius Model (see Enabling Genius – a mindset for success in the 21st Century).  Myles and his close network have worked in every corner of the globe and in most market sectors. 

Other books by Myles Downey

Other books by Myles Downey

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